Welcome to LODScape: An Ontology-Based Multiple-LOD Object Browser

Developed at KAnOE - Centre for Knowledge Analytics and Ontological Engineering

Click here to enter LODScape and browse through millions of facts from DbPedia and FreeBase

Help with LODScape: Directly type in a part of the keyword in the textbox and LODScape auto-completes it from all known subjects.
For example, if you type in "Arist", it suggests "Aristotle | Greek Philosopher".

Other examples you may try are:
Abraham Lincoln
Ada Lovelace
Agatha Christie
Ayrton Senna
Barrack Obama
George Clooney
Henrik Svensmark
Henry Benedict Stuart
Jacob Bernoulli
Leonardo DiCaprio
Lucius Fairchild
Pierre-Simon Laplace
Rafael Nadal
Alternatively, you can search by category (currently supported for person data from DbPedia and for Freebase).
For example, type in "cricket" which auto-completes to "Professional Cricketer" as a category within which you can
now type "hadley" to find "Richard Hadley | Professional Cricketer".

Note that you can always choose any of the auto-complete choices with the mouse or other pointing or touch devices
and you may need to click on the "Submit" button to retrieve information about the selected subject.

Developed by Dr. Kavi Mahesh, Shruthi Chari and Shrinidhi Ramakrishnan

October 2013

This is our entry in the Semantic Web Challenge (Open Track) at the ISWC-2013 International Semantic Web Conference, Sydney, Australia, Oct 21-25 2013.

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